The Biggest Loser Crowns a Skinny Winner

May 2, 2012 By:
The Biggest Loser Crowns a Skinny Winner

Last night’s live finale of the “The Biggest Loser” put the final three in a showdown for the $250,000 grand prize.

Host Allison Sweeney introduced the final show of Season 13 by telling the audience, “When this season began 7 months ago, we told our players there were no excuses, but it has been a wild ride ever since. Three players quit the show, and they will not be weighing in tonight.”

However, the 14 contestants who were previously eliminated (not the quitters) did have a chance to come back to both display their sleeker silhouettes and possibly win $100,000.

Fan favorite Chism Cornelison‘s starting weight was 361, and he lost 103 pounds. That’s like losing your weight in Lindsay Lohan! Nancy Rajala lost 56 pounds. More like losing a Louis Vuitton bag – a real one with all the heavy hardware, not some knockoff. Santa, I mean Roy Pickler, lost 88 pounds.

But when all 14 were measured, it was the last contestant to step up, 41-year-old Mike Messina of Oakland, California who lost the most (44.69 percent of his body weight) and captured the prize. How’s $100,000 for losing 160 pounds? Job well done!

Now for the grand prize – the competition had narrowed to 24-year-old single mom Conda Britt and her brother Jeremy Britt, 22, both from Rockford, Michigan and former pro-wrestler Kim Nielsen, 38, of Roswell, Georgia.

First they played clips of their tough journey. Then the weigh-in. Conda lost 179 pounds. Kim shed 118 pounds. And Jeremy went from 389 pounds to 199, making Jeremy the clear winner with over 51.16% of his body weight gone. Jeremy’s now half the man he used to be but many times more wealthy!

Everyone’s a winner on this show, but Jeremy is “The Biggest Loser” of them all, taking home $250,000. Congratulations, Jeremy Britt!