Big Bang Theory: What's Going On With These Nerds?

November 6, 2007 By:
Big Bang Theory: What's Going On With These Nerds?

Whoa! When "the whore of Omaha" comes to visit Penny,
Wolowitz does not hesitate to try and sleep with her.

The show adhere's so strongly to nerd stereotypes, I
did not expect them to throw in a nerd who's so into
sex. I thought they were all afraid of girls!

Since Wolowitz's sexcapades drive Penny to sleep at the
boy's house, Halo 3 night and Sheldon'sanal-retentive routines about where he sits on the couch to watch cartoons are all disrupted. Poor Sheldon does not know how to cope with change!

Eventually, the gold-digging girl from Omaha leaves
after some unpleasant encounters with Wolowitz's mom
(he lives at home) and everything is back to normal. The boys once again choose video games over girls and
Penny has a life.

The writers of this show work in a
lot of really smart jokes that could work well on any
show but do you find the whole nerd-schtick a little
over the top? I mean, come on, Sheldon keeps his
toothbrush under a UV light! Also, wouldn't you like
to hear a little more from Raj, the token ethnic nerd?
He had some funny lines in last night but he really
doesn't contribute to the over-all plot.