"Big Ang" Gets a Little Bigger

April 18, 2012 By:

Everybody Loves Big Ang. Even Diddy.

Angela ‘Big-Ang’ Railoa just scored a VH1 show to follow her around and pay her money. “Big Ang” is a spin-off of the VH1 hit “Mob Wives” where the raspy-voiced, voluptuous reality star made her debut.

Before the deal was official Big Ang previously spoke with Hollyscoop about the idea for a spinoff.

“If it comes to that I will,” Big Ang told Hollyscoop about doing her own show. “I’m hoping soon!”

What does this mean for you? Well, if you find yourself wondering, “Who the f- is Big Ang?” here’s your chance to find out.

For those who don’t know the original show, aside from some thick accents and husbands with criminals backgrounds, the majority of “Mob Wives” has about as much to do with the actual mob as “Real Housewives of Orange County.”

“Big Ang” promises to follow an “over the top and loveable” Staten Island cast through Ang’s life with friends, family, and ‘da wise guys.’ Popular cast member members from the “Mob Wives” will pop in from time-to-time, along with Ang’s dog ‘Lil Louis.

“This woman is a star!” said Jennifer Graziano, Executive Producer of “Big Ang.” Graziano - also the creator of “Mob Wives” - has actually known Big Ang all her life and describes her as a “force to be reckon with” for the first time on her own.

When exactly can you catch this “force” in action? The 10-episode half-hour series is set to premiere this summer. Until then, “fo’ get about it!”