Holli Walker Teaches us How to Live Beyond the Secret

August 19, 2009 By:
Holli Walker Teaches us How to Live Beyond the Secret

We’re all pretty familiar with the book The Secret by now. But taking the tools from the book and applying it to your own life is quite another story. That’s where Holli Walker comes in.

A life coach and radio host, Holli created the DVD Beyond The Secret to give us advice on how to make the Laws of Attraction work for us in our every day lives.

Hollyscoop spoke with Holli about how to make this happen! Here’s what she told us in our Q & A.

HS: What made you create this DVD?
HW: I created this DVD because I had gone through very tough times in my life and this message saved me. I have used this material to completely turn my life around. I want to help others understand this message so everyone can use it to live full and happy lives.

HS: How do you think this DVD differs from The Secret?
HW: I Love The Secret and I give it much credit for the transformation in my own life. I feel this isn't a comparison to the secret. I feel this is more steps and a different way of looking at the same message. It puts it in a very down to earth understandable way. I feel the vast differences in the teachers is to make sure there is a teacher or two that everyone is going to relate to. It also gives action steps.

HS: How do you think this DVD will help people change their lives?
HW: I feel this will changes lives for those who are wanting to take the steps and willing to hear the message. I feel this is relatable and it gives you action steps to take that you can put in to play right now. I have already heard amazing stories of positive changes in people’s lives.

HS: What is the key message in the DVD?

HW: ACTION. It gives you all the steps and how to USE them. It does involve work but you love it. :-)  

HS: How can you make the laws of attraction work in your  life?
HW: Learn about yourself. Learn this material and use it don't just talk about it, think about it, USE it and it works every time.

HS: Do you feel this DVD will help people who are currently dealing with harsh economic times?
HW: Yes, Bob says when things are at their worst they are really at their best. This is so true. This is a time to re-invent yourself and grow. Good things are to come from what feels like dark times. I would have told you that you were crazy if you told me that from my darkest days I would find my purpose but I did and I am so thankful for it. Understanding this makes what feels like hard times much easier to take.

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