What Did Kelly Rowland Buy Beyonce’s Baby?

January 10, 2012 By:
What Did Kelly Rowland Buy Beyonce’s Baby?

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer—it’s a Bob Marley onesie. Between this and Oprah’s gift of books, this kid is getting the shaft, if you ask me.

Kelly Rowland previously stated her concern over what to get Beyonce’s baby, Blue Ivy Carter, for a baby shower present.

"I have no idea what I'm going to buy Beyonce at the baby shower because Jay is going to buy that little girl every single thing possible. She won't be spoilt but she will be very well looked-after.”

Let’s hope so, because Kelly reportedly got the kid a green, long sleeved onesie with Bob Marley’s face on it. The purchase was made in Lucky Wang, the upscale New York boutique.

At what point do you go from, “I don’t know what to get her” to “Oooh! A Bob Marley shirt!”

Either way, Kelly is excited for her former Destiny’s Child bestie.

The singer told BANG Showbiz: “[Beyonce and Jay Z are] so happy in this moment right now, as they should be. They've made a little bundle of love, I'm so excited for them.”

Kelly has also volunteered to go on diaper duty:

"I'll be on hand for babysitting duties, and I'm actually very good with messy diapers!"

Early this morning, Beyonce and Jay Z left Lenox Hospital so they could sneak Blue Ivy out peacefully.