A Timeline of Jay-Z And Beyonce's Costly Gift Giving Phenomenon

June 20, 2012 By:
A Timeline of Jay-Z And Beyonce's Costly Gift Giving Phenomenon

This Father’s Day - in case you haven’t heard - Beyoncé single-handedly made every father in the world jealous when she reportedly bought a private jet for her hip-hop mogul husband Jay-Z.

The purchase cost the singer/actress an OMG-inducing $40 million. According to MediaTakeOut, Jay-Z’s plane is a Bombardier Challenger 850. It features a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and two bathrooms.

Now, before you go scoffing at the price of this gift, it’s actually as practical as a tie clip, or a wrench set, or whatever other lame gift you got your dad this holiday. After all, Jay-Z makes his living touring the world, hopping from country to country.

In fact, the plane is not even out of the usual for their pricey gift giving habits. Here’s a look at their previous purchases over the years…

January 2012: Most people buy a house for $500,000. Beyoncé used that pocket money to score some jewelry for her beau.

The singer bought Jay-Z a $500K sapphire ring as a special thanks for all his love and support in and in honor of their daughter. Blue Ivy.

Of course, he was happy to show it off, stepping out at the grand opening of The 40/40 Club in New York, rocking the rock on his pinky… That’s right. Jay-Z wears your house on his pinky!

January 2012: You know your destiny is baller status when one of your "welcome home" presents is a solid gold rocking horse.

Also happening in January of this year in honor of Blue Ivy’s was the arrival of a $600K handmade Japanese gold rocking horse to the Roc Nation estate. The horse was designed by jeweler Ginza Tanaka. And, don’t worry, Blue… When you get sick of playing with it, you can just donate it to Goodwill.

The horse was in addition to a pile of other elaborate gifts, totaling up to a jaw-dropping $1.5 million. Now that’s how you spoil a child!

December 2010: When Jay-Z turned 41, he didn’t get back aches or hair in his ears (to our knowledge). Instead he got a $2 million car.

Beyoncé surprised Jay-Z with a brand new white Bugatti Veyron Sport. Unfortunately, they have little use for the German two-seater convertible anymore, due to the fact that there’s no room for Blue Ivy’s car seat.

December 2010: It was a Merry Christmas indeed for Beyoncé. The singer found $350,000 worth of Hermes Birkin bags under the tree.

Reportedly, Jay-Z got his last minute shopping done on Christmas Eve, stopping in at a Madison Avenue boutique in NYC. Doing so, the rapper proved that if the present is big enough, it doesn’t matter if there was any thought behind it at all.

September 2010: “Hey, what do you want for your birthday?” “Oh, I don’t know… Maybe some socks?”

For Beyoncé’s 29th birthday, Jay-Z redefined what it meant to be a big gift giver. The rapper skipped Macy’s, passed by the jewelry store, turned down the Italian restaurant for reservations… Instead, he stopped on by the real estate office and purchased his lady a private Florida island for $20 million.

February 2009: Jay Z possibly went a little over-the-top for Valentine’s gift. Instead of flowers, he reportedly bought Beyoncé a platinum covered mobile phone. The cost… $24,000. I wonder if any minutes came with that?