Solange Addresses 'Beyonce Fake Pregnancy' Reports

January 11, 2012 By:
Solange Addresses 'Beyonce Fake Pregnancy' Reports

When Beyonce and Jay-Z got pregnant, some of us (i.e. myself) dedicated google calendars to the birth countdown and cancelled our own birthday parties to have Beyonce baby showers, you know, normal stuff like that.

But some people out there don't give a sh-t about Beyonce and Jay-Z's new daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Also, remember how everyone thought Beyonce was "faking" her pregnancy?

Anyways, Beyonce's sister Solange just released all her wrath on twitter to address the Beyonce and Jay-Z "haters."

"It has really gotten out of hand," Solange writes on twitter, "I've been doing my best at keeping my mouth shut...but the ignorance is really sad and upsetting."

Solange doesn't stop there.

"We are supposed to be super human and watch people we love get slandered, lied on, and ridiculed. It is one of THE hardest things to accept," says Solange, "In any other workplace...if someone directly tells your mother or sister is a liar and a fake would naturally express yourself."

In an interview with Katie Couric on the rumors that Beyonce faked her pregnancy, Solange says, "it's so ridiculous and over the top."

Does anyone actually STILL think that Beyonce faked her pregnancy? I mean, babies don't come out of thin air...they come from storks. Obviously.

However, even though Solange just unleashed that twitter fury, she says she's going to keep her mouth shut. Even though, she didn't really keep her mouth shut at all.

"The pure happiness and joy I've witnessed and experienced helps me to keep my mouth shut."

Hell hath no fury like a sister scorned.