See Beyonce Jump off a Building

October 25, 2013 By:
See Beyonce Jump off a Building
Image By: YouTube

There’s nothing Beyoncé can’t do. Whether it’s shutting down the power at the Super Dome, the haka, or in this case, jumping off one of the tallest buildings in Auckland, New Zealand: the Sky Tower.

In a new homemade video the singer just shared with her fans, Bey surrenders to gravity in this thrilling 630-foot drop off the top floor of the city structure.

If that wasn’t enough, somehow she looks flawless doing it—though she is pretty experienced at whipping her hair in her face and having gusts of high-powered winds blown at her from all angles.

And if that still wasn’t enough, Beyoncé did it more than once. In the video below, she falls off the ledge facing the tower with the help of a female employee; in the personal photos she’s posted on her Tumblr, she jumps face first with her arms spread.

The singer just recently finished a string of shows in the country for her "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour."