Report: Jay-Z and Beyonce to Buy Neverland Ranch

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Report: Jay-Z and Beyonce to Buy Neverland Ranch
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The king and queen of music are reportedly about to expand their empire with one of the most iconic celebrity estates of all time.

Rumor has it that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are interested in buying up the late Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

Their intention behind the potential purchase is unclear, but if anyone can clean the property of its creepy undertones it's this man and wife tag team whose influence currently reigns over the entire Western World. is the source of the report. The outlet cites an “EXTREEEE-EMELY close insider” in their knowledge-base. The story reads:

“The insider tells us that if successful, Jay and Bey plan on creating not only a HOME for themselves on the property - but a number of STATE OF THE ART recording studios.”

So, there you have it, readers… The Neverland Ranch could become the House of Hov...

The only unfortunate downside that we can foresee in this venture is that on all the recordings made within the new-and-improved lot, you can hear the sound of moonwalking coming from MJ’s spirit, which probably still roams the grounds.

Anyway, back to actual facts… Neverland Ranch stretches about 2500 acres and covers 4 square miles of land. So, if the couple doesn’t want to record anymore, they could always take up industrial farming in the same space.

The property is valued at $100 million, which, by our guesstimates, Jay-Z and Beyoncé make in an afternoon.