Report: Beyonce Knowles Building 2,200 Square Foot Nursery

October 20, 2011 By:
Report: Beyonce Knowles Building 2,200 Square Foot Nursery

Uh, that’s not a nursery so much as it is a shopping mall. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but that’s still a lot of space for a person that’s like, one foot tall. Beyonce’s baby hasn’t even been born, and it’s already living like a rock star.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are reportedly getting their New York City Tribeca apartment ready for their new addition in February. An insider tells Us Weekly that the home “will have a nursery that is 2,200 square feet!”

That’s bigger than a lot of houses. Certainly bigger than my apartment. I say, more power to the kid. But not everyone close to Beyonce and Jay Z thinks it’s a good idea.

The source adds: “Some people are like, ‘Won’t you be scared to leave your baby in that huge room’?”

Nah. At this rate, I’m sure Beyonce and Jay-Z have a baby monitor that’s a floor-to-ceiling projection screen.

This whole overdone celebrity nursery thing doesn’t surprise me at all. Most celebrities have no problem going all out for their fetuses. For example, when Victoria Beckham was pregnant with her daughter, Harper Seven, she had a blast decorating her nursery.

The ex-Spice Girl reportedly spent $240,000 on her baby’s room. A source said she was going for an “old-fashioned theme with a shabby chic feel.” Silly me, thinking all you’re supposed to do is paint the walls pink, toss a crib in there, and call it a day.

And of course Mariah Carey glammed up the nursery for her twins while she was expecting. She and husband Nick Cannon spared no expense, creating a romantic-style nursery complete with a chandelier. And in typical Mimi style, she used her own songs as inspiration: Underneath the Stars and Close My Eyes.

Before Neil Patrick Harris welcomed his son and daughter home, he created a fun, simple room for the duo. It looked like a pretty typical nursery. Well, except that it had a fireplace. Most baby rooms don’t have fireplaces.

Bethenny Frankel wanted her baby’s sex to be a surprise, so she made the nursery gender neutral while she was decorating. But not knowing the sex certainly didn’t keep her from picking out only the finest designer furniture. She shopped at Bellini, where one of the staffers said:

“Bethenny was so sweet. She arrived at the store just after it closed and was here for an hour, and she tried out chairs and picked out things she loved with her decorator, Chuck.”

Yep, the baby was living inside a womb, and it already had an interior decorator.

Jennifer Lopez’s nursery was like the Sistine Chapel. The Chelsea Sleigh cribs she bought for her twins were like, $1,390 each. That’s rent for me. She also invested in two “Glam Gliders” chairs, for $1,420 each. She spent another $1,780 on a changing table. Yep, almost two grand for a table where you clean poop.