Kelly Rowland on Beyonce Pregnancy: "It's Such a Blessing"

August 29, 2011 By:
Kelly Rowland on Beyonce Pregnancy:

I've had a few friends get pregnant, throw a baby shower and have kids. And I gotta admit, I wasn't nearly as excited about any of their pregnancies as I am about Beyonce's. Sorry, guys.

Beyonce announced her pregnancy at the VMAs last night. Hollyscoop caught up with BFF Kelly Rowland at the VMA after party, which took place at the House of Hype.

“I'm ecstatic,” Rowland told us. “It's been so hard to hold it all, so I'm just so happy that's she's finally showing everyone.”

And boy, did she show everyone. First, Beyonce showed up in a long, orange Grecian style Lanvin gown, holding her belly. That's when MTV Tweeted:

"OMG Beyonce just made a huge announcement on the #vma carpet! #baby!!!!!".

Then, during a performance of Love on Top, Beyonce grabbed her pregnant stomach again, hinting at her recent revelation.

“It's just so beautiful,” Rowland told Hollyscoop. “And I'm just so happy for my sister and her husband and just the fact that it's just such a blessing.”

And Rowland revealed to us that Beyonce and Jay-Z have one part of the baby planning done:

“I think they've chosen a name.”

When we asked if she could tell us what that name was, Kelly responded:

“No, no.”

We had to ask.

And which performance did Kelly enjoy the most?

“Well because it was my sister's, I was just so excited,” Rowland told HS. “I mean, just the way she announced it to the world.”

She also listed Chris Brown's performances as well as Lady Gaga's as a couple of her favorites.

During Love on Top, Beyonce took the stage wearing a purple tuxedo jacket, black pants, and a white tuxedo shirt. “I want you to feel the love that's growing inside of me,” Beyonce said before the song began.

She then gave a soulful performance wearing six-inch heels. She might be pregnant, but this is Beyonce. That baby is probably already in there planning a choreographed dance for it's exit from the womb. After the performance, Beyonce dropped the mic, pulled her jacket back, and rubbed her belly.

The audience was definitely feeling the performance, with Adele singing along and Kanye West putting his arm around Jo Calderone/Lady Gaga.

Once again, congrats to Beyonce. Meat dress, Britney/Madonna kiss, Kanye storming the stage…Beyonce's announcement trumps them all for most shocking VMA moment.