Kelly Rowland: Beyonce Will Be 'A Wonderful Mom'

September 28, 2011 By:
Kelly Rowland: Beyonce Will Be 'A Wonderful Mom'

Beyonce's baby bump is growing! But it's definitely not weighing her down. On Tuesday the singer announced her next official single, Countdown, which will officially hit airwaves on October 4. She also spent Monday night celebrating BFF Gwyneth Paltrow's birthday. And all I've done this week is laundry.

Hollyscoop caught up with Kelly Rowland, who told us Beyonce's pregnancy is "going good."

"I'm not pregnant but she seems to be fine and she seems happy and excited about the pregnancy," Rowland told us. She added:
"I know she'll be a wonderful mom."

And still, we haven’t heard any news about the sex of Beyonce's baby. If Kelly knows, she's certainly keeping tight-lipped about it.

"That's not my news to tell. That's Beyonce and her husband's news to tell. It would be disrespectful."

And as much as fans would go crazy, it doesn’t like a Destiny's Child reunion is going to be happening anytime soon.

"We haven't talked about it. It hasn't been anything that we brought up or bring up, even in conversation now. We're just respecting each other and our personal spaces and lives and just chilling."

Monday night, Beyonce and husband Jay-Z hit up the birthday party of their good friend, Gwyneth Paltrow. Paltrow turns 39 on Tuesday. The birthday shenanigans took place at Tertulia restaurant in New York City's West Village. Beyonce sparkled in a green dress that really made me want to start shopping in the Maternity section.

Despite the fact that the crowd went berserk when Beyonce pseudo-announced her pregnancy at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, Simon Cowell recently said she was "boring." And actually, Beyonce wasn’t the only singer he insulted:

"If you only ever heard Lady GaGa, she's the most boring singer in the world," the X-Factor judge told the Mirror. He added, "You've got to see her - you need TV. Same with Beyonce. Or Katy Perry. We're all about image. You have to have that X Factor."

If Beyonce doesn’t have the "X-Factor", I have no idea who does. What does X-Factor even mean? Because it sounds like it just means being crowned by Simon Cowell.

And if a new single and partying with A-listers isn't enough, Beyone also recently debuted a new fragrance.

"I always meet strong, powerful women and they always have a signature scent," the singer said. "That is one of the first things I was so proud of. I thought about Diamonds and Elizabeth Taylor and all these icons, so I am so proud of this.”