Kelly Rowland Accidentally Reveals Beyonce Is Having a Girl

November 4, 2011 By:
Kelly Rowland Accidentally Reveals Beyonce Is Having a Girl

Who run the world? Yep, Kelly Rowland accidentally spilled the beans, revealing that Beyonce is having a girl.

Rumors were swirling around a couple of weeks ago about the baby's sex, and Kelly Rowland confirmed them when she said:

"I think she'll be very well behaved. Her parents will make sure of that."

Kelly must've lost track over what's rumor and what's not, because by saying "she", Kelly just made a huge announcement to the world. If that wasn't enough female-oriented pronouns for you, when asked what she'll get Beyonce's baby ffor the shower, Kelly responded:

"I don’t know. I think her dad is gonna give her everything anyways. All I can give her is love."

Wonder if Kelly just uninvited herself from the baby shower? Probably not. The two are such close friends, Rowland says she gets a "weekly" update from Beyonce, who she's known since childhood. And thanks to Beyonce's younger sister, Solange, Kelly knows her way around a diaper, too.

"I'm good with messy diapers. Solange made me do [her son] Julez's messy diapers."

Last week, a source close to Beyonce and Jay-Z revealed that they were having a baby girl. The insder told In Touch, "Beyonce is thrilled she's having a daughter. She and her mother are so close and she’s wanted to have that relationship with her own child."

And she's been prepping for that relationship by going on designer shopping sprees for her diva daughter. Beyonce has reportedly been shopping for baby outfits from Gucci and Louis Vuitton. According to Us Weekly, she even splurged on a pair of Christian Louboutin booties. They are probably the only pair of comfortable Louboutins.

In fact, Beyonce has bought so much for her baby, there's really nothing else left to get.

"Her family's afraid there won't be anything left to buy for her baby shower in December!" the source continued.

For the record, Kelly is more than excited for her friend's new bundle of joy.

"It's just so beautiful," Rowland told Hollyscoop. "And I'm just so happy for my sister and her husband and just the fact that it's such a blessing."

She also revealed: "I think they've chosen a name."

But she's not letting that cat out of the bag. When we asked her if she could tell us the name, Kelly declined.

Oh well. We'll just wait until the next red carpet event for Kelly to spill the beans.