Jay Z on the Pregnancy Sympathy Diet

December 15, 2011 By:
Jay Z on the Pregnancy Sympathy Diet

Even though Beyonce is the pregnant one, Jay-Z may be having some "sympathy cravings" too. And what are Beyonce and Jay-Z's joint cravings? Vegan food! Wait, what?

The duo reportedly maintain a "partially vegan diet." The baby bump wants what the baby bump wants, I guess?

In order for Beyonce to eat healthy during her pregnancy, Jay is supporting her by dining healthy too.

"Jay's trying to be disciplined, and he needs the energy to support her," a source tells Us Weekly.

Beyonce recently told 20/20 that just because she's pregnant does not mean that she's going to start eating like crazy.

"I've been really conscious [about food]. I've been trying my best not to lose control!" admits the singer.

However, they may be eating vegan and not indulging in pregnancy cravings, but the duo do participate in some late night partying.

The couple was spotted partying and "dancing up a storm" at Hollywood's Spare Room club, "They were loved up and sweet together and partied until 4 a.m.!" says the source.

Uh, that's the least pregnant thing I've ever heard of, but if you wanna eat vegan and party till 4am when you are 7 months along, then go for it. Also, how do you even have that much energy to stay up that late when pregnant? I'm not pregnant and I think that a "night out" is mimosas at brunch. This is proof that Beyonce truly is Queen B.

The very next night, Beyonce and Jay-Z partied it up at the Watch The Throne after party, where they were joined with Serena Williams and Kanye West.