Jay Z, Beyonce and Diddy Involved in Nightclub Brawl

August 27, 2013 By:
Jay Z, Beyonce and Diddy Involved in Nightclub Brawl

The MTV Video Music Awards is known to be a free-for-all—a sentiment that rolls right on over to its various after-parties. Even those attended by the classy queen herself, Mrs. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

The singer found herself caught in the middle of a blow-up between Diddy and J.Cole on Sunday night when the music mogul and the rapper clashed at New York’s Dream Hotel.

That’s when Jay Z had to intervene and pull the two apart, reported the New York Daily News.

J.Cole was then escorted out of the building after the heated exchange. Diddy downplayed the incident on his Twitter account shortly after, in an effort to clear the air.

“I usually don’t address rumors but I got too much respect for my bro J.Cole,” he tweeted. “We are friends. We just yell in public sometimes.”

The incident took place at the same party attended by other famous names such as Jamie Foxx, will.i.am, Russell Simmons, and more.