Jay-Z and Beyonce Donating Baby Gifts to Charity

January 12, 2012 By:
Jay-Z and Beyonce Donating Baby Gifts to Charity

Amid so many reports that Jay-Z and Beyonce went to extravagant lengths during their Lenox Hospital stay, here’s one that they’re giving back to the community.

According to a source, the couple has been so overwhelmed with presents for Beyonce’s baby Blue Ivy Carter, that they’re giving those presents to the less fortunate. So if you’re friends with Beyonce and Jay-Z and plan to give them a baby shower gift, save yourself some time and just drop it off in front of the Goodwill.

"They've been sent literally hundreds of gifts in the past few days,” the source says. “Oprah Winfrey gave a huge trunk of children's books and others like P. Diddy, Kanye West, Rihanna and Mariah Carey have all been sending luxurious baby treats. Jay-Z and Beyonce have decided to donate a massive selection of the presents to local charities for young mothers. They've already got the most precious gift - their new baby daughter - so they want to help out other parents who haven't been as fortunate."


But of all the presents they’ve received, there is one they’re keeping.

“A diamond encrusted Cartier dummy,” the source says.

Well, that sounds…bizarre.

“A close friend of theirs in the music industry gave [it to them].”

I’m guessing it was Weird Al Yankovic?

“It must have cost $20,000,” the source revealed. Blue has officially got her first piece of bling!”.

Meanwhile, pictures have been released of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s hospital suite. TMZ obtained the photos, and they add that the room “looks like a Four Seasons” penthouse. There are 4 flat screens, state of the art electronics, a kitchenette and mahogany walls.