Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance Salary Revealed

January 30, 2013 By:
Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance Salary Revealed
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For those of us who don’t care about sports and the only thing we know about football is which players are dating celebrities, the Super Bowl, in our eyes, is the Beyonce show.

Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance is the most hotly anticipated performance this year, probably due to lip-sync gate, but what we’re mostly curious about is how much Queen B is getting paid.

The answer is NOTHING.

Technically, Beyonce is not being handed a check by the NFL for her halftime performance, but she IS being reimbursed for production costs, which ring in at about $600,000. The show is covered, but Beyonce doesn’t make a profit. Actually, Beyonce's set is expected to cost MORE than the $600K the NFL will give her, meaning she will either pay out of pocket or have her Pepsi sponsor cover it. Madonna's set last year cost $1 million, which is what Beyonce's is expected to cost as well. 

That being said, Beyonce was just paid $50 million by Pepsi, so don’t feel too sorry for her. Since Pepsi is sponsoring the show, it’s assumed that Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance is part of the Pepsi contract.

It’s not like doing a “free” show is a bad thing for Bey right now. Even if Beyonce ends up owing money on the show, it's a necessary career move and here's why. Beyonce hasn’t released a new album since before Blue Ivy was born and we know that although Beyonce is unanimously regarded as one of the best living divas, none of you bought her album “4.”

“4” has only sold a little over 1 million copies to date, while her 2008 album “I Am…Sasha Fierce,” has sold 7 million copies. #Perspective

Not only that, but Beyonce never went on tour to promote “4” because she got pregnant.

The point I’m making is not that Beyonce can’t sell records anymore, it’s that she’s wise to do a highly publicized performance for free-ish if it will put her singing voice back in the public consciousness before Beyonce starts being known mostly for her lip-syncing scandal and her general “fame.”