Guys Dancing in Heels to Beyonce Songs Will Make You Scream 'YAAAAAS'

February 24, 2014 By:
Guys Dancing in Heels to Beyonce Songs Will Make You Scream 'YAAAAAS'
Image By: YouTube

There’s a particularly thrilling subsection of YouTube you may or may not know about: dudes dancing to Beyoncé songs while wearing high heels. (We’ll wait while you bookmark it and make it your new homepage.)

Anyway, it looks exactly how it sounds and the results are ***Flawless—truly deserving of their own attention.

French choreographer Yanis Marshall was the first to popularize the trend with his killer dance moves.

That’s him in the center, dancing to “Diva” better than most women would.

Even when he slows the beat down it still WERKS.

High heels + Beyoncé + men is just an unbeatable formula.

If you YouTube search “guys dancing in heels to Beyonce,” there are about 65,600 results. Some are serious, like this one:

Some aren’t:

But still fiercely funny.

There’s even an all-male dance group from Ukraine called Kazaky to add fuel to the fire.

So, they don’t really have any videos of them dancing to Beyoncé, but they’re wearing heels and it syncs-up perfectly.

Enjoy the rest of your day searching up a “guys dancing in heels to Beyoncé" storm. (All of your free time has just been obliterated).


The more you know!