Did Jay-Z Accuse Beyonce of Cheating in New Song?

June 25, 2013 By:
Did Jay-Z Accuse Beyonce of Cheating in New Song?

Today we bring you a fanciful story of Beyoncé breaking the bonds of her perfect marriage by cheating on her husband Jay-Z.

With his upcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail album floating on the horizon before us like the biblical vision it's bound to be, a few lyrics from lead single “Holy Grail” featuring disciple Justin Timberlake have seeped through the cracks and listeners/bloggers, like the Ten Commandments, are taking them hella literally.

This is one of the verses Jay posted on his Facebook that has everyone NOT reading between the lines:

“Keep cheating on me / What I do / I took her back / Fool me twice / That’s my bad / I can’t even blame her for that”

To which we invoke the lesser-known 11th Commandment, Thou shalt not lose thy sh*t, because while your mind may be racing to the conclusion that he’s accusing Bey of cheating on him, remember that’s just your greatest and deepest fear talking.

Because if you consider the rap within the context of the other lyrics surrounding it (collectively, this is what we call a "song"), you’ll see that he’s largely discussing his relationship with fame, not Bey, and personifying the concept as a “her.”

“Give it up for fame / But I still don’t know why / Why I love it so much,” he says in the first verse, only to later reference getting all “caught up in all these lights and cameras” and “haters in the paper / photo shoots with paparazzi / can’t even take my daughter for a walk.”

Even if you think there’s still some flexibility there to turn this new song into a glimpse of the couple’s marriage counseling sessions, there’s always this simple scripture: NO ONE CHEATS ON BEYONCE AND LIVES TO RAP ABOUT IT (Book of Revelation 24:7).