Did Beyonce Give Birth to Tiana-May Carter?

December 30, 2011 By:
Did Beyonce Give Birth to Tiana-May Carter?

Did Beyonce give birth? Did she go into labor on Thursday night? Did she have a baby girl? Are there any Christmas leftovers in the fridge?

Okay, the last one has nothing to do with Beyonce pregnancy rumors, I'm just really hungry.

Reports surfaced on Thursday evening that a very pregnant Beyonce was having labor pains and she checked into a New York City hospital. And Twitter has been buzzing with news that Beyonce gave birth to a girl, Tina-May Carter.

But wouldn't it be early, since she's due in February? Not necessarily. Recently, behind the scenes footage of Beyonce from her Countdown video was released. In the footage, Beyonce reveals that she's six months pregnant. The thing is, the video was taken in September. So that would make December the month her baby is due. And it's December.

You don't get this kind of investigative reporting just anywhere, folks.

To add fuel to the pregnancy rumor fire, Beyonce's mom, Tina, sister, Solange, and nephew, Julez, have been spotted hanging out in New York City. According to The Daily Mail, on Thursday evening "nurses at New York’s St Luke’s Roosevelt hospital have allegedly been told to prepare the labour suite for the arrival of a celebrity VIP."

Beyonce and Jay-Z live in a gigantic, lavish penthouse in the city, and Tina and Solange were spotted leaving Stella Dallas in NYC on Thursday.

A spokesperson for Beyonce was unavailable to comment on the rumors. Which means he or she is busy with New Year's Eve plans, or buying congratulatory cigars for Jay-Z.

Now, about those leftovers...