Destiny's Child Pal Michelle Williams on Beyonce's Baby: Blue Ivy is 'Gorgeous'

January 16, 2012 By:
Destiny's Child Pal Michelle Williams on Beyonce's Baby: Blue Ivy is 'Gorgeous'

Former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams has met the newest celebrity of 2012: Blue Ivy Carter.

Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their daughter into the world on January 7, and while Blue Ivy hasn’t yet been photographed, word on the street is, she’s “gorgeous.”

Williams said: “She is absolutely gorgeous. We were all in love.”

According to Michelle, Jay and Beyonce “have already settled into their role of being parents, and it’s just awesome to see.”

And Kelly Rowland feels the same way.

"Beyonce is such an incredible woman, she balances being a wife and an entertainer and now she's about to balance motherhood too and she's going to do it beautifully,” Rowland said. "I'm so excited for her and her husband. Nobody deserves a little bubba more than my sister."


Meanwhile, Beyonce is getting criticized for being too White again. In promotional photos for her latest album, 4, Beyonce is sprawled out on a leopard print rug looking about five shades lighter than she normally does. I mean, these pictures make Nicole Kidman look dark. Alright, maybe she’s not that pale in them, but it’s definitely not Beyonce’s normal skin tone.

In the past, Beyonce has been accused of “whitewashing” her photos, including a 2008 campaign for L’Oreal. The company denied altering the image, and added that because of the lighting, a person’s skin tone may seem lighter than usual.

But that didn’t stop some critics. Writer Yasmin Alibhai-Brown said that Beyonce was “betraying all Black and Asian women.”

“When black celebrities appear to deny their heritage by trying to make themselves look white, I despair for the youngsters who see those images,” Brown said.

Last year, in a French fashion magazine shoot, Beyonce was criticized for wearing dark face makeup. A rep for the magazine said:

"As for the artistic makeup, the inspiration came from several African rituals during which paint is used on the face."