Beyonce's Hospital Denies Rumors of $1.3 Million Evacuation

January 10, 2012 By:
Beyonce's Hospital Denies Rumors of $1.3 Million Evacuation

Despite reports that Beyonce and Jay-Z rented out the entire maternity wing of Lenox Hospital to give birth to Blue Ivy Carter, the hospital is now dispelling those rumors.

“Lenox Hill Hospital and its staff were delighted to welcome the Carter family for the birth of their firstborn on Saturday evening, but we are troubled by the misinformation being circulated in some news media reports,” a statement from the hospital read.

“The suggestion that the couple paid $1.3 million to rent an entire maternity floor is simply not true. The family is housed in an executive suite at the hospital and is being billed the standard rate for those accommodations. Our executive suites are available for any patient, including the food service and amenities provided to the Carter family."

Beyonce and Jay should hire Lenox hospital to dispel the Illuminati Baby rumors, too.

The statement continued: “The family does have its own security detail on site.”

And, according to TMZ, that security was rude to patients, basically turning Lenox Hospital into an exclusive club.

PREGNANT LADY: I’m crowing!! Please, let me in!

BEYONCE SECURITY: You’re not on the list, but come back with some different shoes and we’ll talk.

“We have made every effort to ensure minimal disruption to other families experiencing the births of their own children over the past three days,” the statement continues.

“No security plan that we or the Carters' security team put in place would have prevented or delayed families from gaining access to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.”

Fine print: As long as they were wearing Louboutins.