Beyonce's Baby Bump Disappeared Again

November 14, 2011 By:
Beyonce's Baby Bump Disappeared Again

Are you happy, conspiracy theorists? Beyonce is fat now. In recent days, Beyonce has been looking fuller figured, and while she carries it damn well, it's pretty obvious, the singer is with child. You would think this would satisfy her critics, but nope.

During a performance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last week, Beyonce's baby bump disappeared. It was weird. She wore a tight black dress and looked like pre-baby Beyonce. I mean, I know Spanx are amazing, but I don’t think they're hide-a-baby-amazing. So where did it go?

Well, thanks to TV magic, this was actually a performance that was pre-recorded. Beyonce recorded the performance earlier this summer, when she wasn't full-blown preggars. But Jimmy Fallon acted like she was right there in the studio. He held her album and looked into the camera and said: "Tonight she's here to perform the song Countdown from her latest album, Four. Please welcome Beyoncé."

From there, TV producers got an audience reaction and then the editors inserted footage from the singer's old summer performance. TV is crazy!

No details on why Beyonce chose to pre-record the performance in advance, but I'm guessing it has something to do with not wanting her water to break while she was rocking the stage. The explanation didn’t stop the Twitterverse from exploding with more controversial claims that the singer is faking her pregnancy.

At this point, I think the consensus among critics is that Beyonce is raising a super-baby from someone else's womb that used to be an ancient alien and the baby is actually the person that killed JFK and will take over the New World Order. Something like that.

Meanwhile, I just used the word "preggars" and "Twitterverse" and no longer know who I am.

Anyway, Beyonce stepped out in NYC over the weekend, covering her baby bump with a flowly brown top and black and brown striped scarf. She also ditched her heels for some flats—very un-Beyonce like!

Beyonce Knowles' sister, Solange Knowles, says that she admires Beyonce's "adventurous" style.

"I never borrowed clothes from Beyoncé when we were growing up," Solange told Vogue magazine.

"But now my style is a little more tame, and hers is a little more adventurous."

Solange says that she and Beyonce have bonded over sharing maternity clothes in recent days.

"I love seeing her with an hourglass silhouette," Solange said.