Beyonce Signs On For A Star Is Born Film

December 11, 2008 By:
Beyonce Signs On For A Star Is Born Film

Beyonce is one busy bee! She just announced plans for her world tour this morning, and now we hear she’s just landed another acting gig! Married life definitely isn’t slowing her down, it’s just making her busier! Although, we must say, we’d love to see her take a break in a couple years to have a couple mini B’s and Jay Z’s!

Beyonce’s latest role will be in the upcoming film remake A Star Is Born. This will be the fourth time this film has been made: first in 1937, starring Janet Gaynor; then in 1954 with Judy Garland, and again in 1976 with Barbra Streisand.

Beyonce will play a young, up-and-coming songstress who falls for a has-been rock star, whose best days are definitely behind him. As they fall in love, her success grows, as his popularity continues to dwindle.

Sounds so sad! We’re positive Beyonce can pull this off! We’re hoping she’ll have lots of scenes where she can show off her tremendous vocals as well.

UPDATE: No star will be born on Beyonce's watch. Her rep was quick to squash the rumors and called the story "completely false," adding that "There was no offer."