Beyonce Shares Photo of Blue Ivy Rocking a Crown

June 28, 2013 By:
Beyonce Shares Photo of Blue Ivy Rocking a Crown

Bow down to Blue Ivy Carter.

A new photo has arrived of the music industry’s most mysterious child. Beyoncé shared another portrait of their little girl (just her right eye, actually) with the world, and let's just say it adds  new meaning to the phrase “royal baby.”

Propped on her head is a big velvet bejeweled headpiece, which us commoners shall refer to as a "crown," but what Blue Ivy simply calls a "toy." BlC isn’t fazed by no diamonds and pearls.

In another photo, Bey shares a different portrait of her daughter (just her left finger, actually) reaching up from her stroller to poke her mom on the tip of her nose. For anyone who's ever wanted to touch Beyoncé, even for a millisecond, this photo will leave you feeling incredibly jealous.

Blue Ivy is currently jet-setting across continents with her mom as Beyoncé travels the world for her Mrs. Carter World Tour and let’s just say she’s looking mighty comfortable.