Beyonce Refused The Big Bucks For Wedding Pictures

November 11, 2008 By:
Beyonce Refused The Big Bucks For Wedding Pictures

Beyonce was cool as a cucumber when it came to her wedding to Jay Z earlier this year. So cool, that we barely even got any notice to it happening! The couple wanted to keep everything about the ceremony private. And that included no paparazzi. Most Hollywood couples invite a magazine in to get the exclusive wedding pics for an obscene amount of money, but Beyonce laughs at the idea of that.

She says, "Now, they offer crazy money that's just ridiculous. But in the end, absolutely not. It's so not worth it. If anything, if you wanna put something out, then put it out, not for money."

"We worked really hard at keeping it private. I've always been this way, and he's always been this way, so that's why we complement each other. We always knew that it would be private and quiet, for all the right reasons."

Doesn’t it make you love them even more? Beyonce is like the ultimate cool chick.