Beyonce Posts Superbowl Rehearsal Video

January 31, 2013 By:
Beyonce Posts Superbowl Rehearsal Video


We are getting so excited for the Super-BEY-bowl this weekend and after watching this just-leaked behind-the-scenes clip from Beyonce’s rehearsal we’re literally salivating. Well, that could mostly be from the potato skins we’re thinking of making, but whoo-eee Beyonce’s performance looks HOT!

Bey’s dance moves and rehearsal clips are perfectly edited to her song “Countdown,” which by the way does NOT get enough credit for being a great song.

There’s not a lot of Beyonce in the video, except her sitting with her lap top in an empty stadium, but there is LOTS and LOTS of footage of her throng of FIERCE dancers. These girls are giving it! Just all sorts of sashays and fierceness all around.

Beyonce also posted another football-themed photo of her making a grr-face and holding a football. Uggh, quit with all the football references Bey! Oh wait…

We’re sure Beyonce is going to turn out a GREAT show, even if she isn’t being paid anything!

As long as she’s better than whatever it is that the Black Eyed Peas did at the Super Bowl in 2011, we’ll be happy.