Beyonce Not Ready for Kids

April 24, 2009 By:
Beyonce Not Ready for Kids

Beyonce wants to make it clear as day that she's not ready to put her career on hold for kids. Beyonce and Jay Z got married on April 4, 2008, but they're in no rush to start a family.

She says, "I definitely want one (a child) but I'm not ready for all that. I don't think a person should see that before their time. I fall in love with my nephew every time I see him."

With a new summer tour right around the corner, even if she wanted kids, she wouldn't have time to have any! She admits that right now she's happy living vicariously through her sister Solange and caring for her four year-old nephew Daniel.

So would she still be performing regularly as a mother? You can bet on it! Beyonce confessed that she would "definitely" wants to do Broadway one day.

"It's my ideal job," Beyonce told Reuters, while promoting her latest film Obsessed. "I definitely want to do Broadway."

"I'll be able to go to the theater every day and drop my kids off and maybe make some food -- maybe I'll know how to cook by then -- and then go do what I love and have some normalcy and have a regular schedule."

So when she takes her first Broadway role, we'll know babies won't be too far behind! It's actually really refreshing to hear a celebrity take their time with having kids. When she does have a kid, it'll be because she's ready, not because it's a trend.