Beyonce: I'm Having So Much Fun Being Pregnant

September 20, 2011 By:
Beyonce: I'm Having So Much Fun Being Pregnant

Beyonce says she's "having so much fun" being pregnant. Really? I've never been pregnant, but carrying around a basketball that kicks inside my skin sounds awful. Whatever, Beyonce likes it. But let's be real, every celeb says this; what pregnant woman would go on camera and be like, "I hate being pregnant. Sorry baby."'

Beyonce and her mother, Tina Knowles, just unveiled their new House of Dereon fashion range for Selfridges in London. The designing duo chatted about their new line and Beyonce opened up about her pregnancy for the first time.

Beyonce is celebrating now that she doesn't have to conceal her baby bump anymore.

"I am having so much fun," the singer tells CNN UK, "It has been the most fun time now that is has been announced." Beyonce announced her pregnancy by flaunting her bump at the red carpet and during her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28.

"It was really difficult to conceal, But now...I can be proud and excited about it, I'm having so much fun shopping - it's great!" dishes Beyonce.

Really? How much fun is it to shop for overalls and jeans with stretch waistbands?

However, don't underestimate Beyonce's need for fashion. Like the great Rachel Zoe once said, "I would suck in anything for fashion if I didn't think it was genuinely squashing my child."

Beyonce said she call still wear the clothes from her House of Dereon collection, even though it isn't actual maternity wear, "What I'm wearing today is part of the collection; it's not supposed to be [maternity wear], but it actually is really good for the maternity."

Beyonce and her mother started working on the line about 6 months before Beyonce got pregnant, so there were no plans to include a maternity line, " But we do have some things that I am still trying to rock!" admitted Queen B.

But don't assume this is the first grandchild for the Knowles clan. Beyonce's sister Solange has a 5-year-old son too.

Solange joked that she didn't find out about her sisters pregnancy by watching the VMA's like the rest of us. "I certainly didn't find out the way you guys did." Tina says she excited to welcome grandchild number 2. "I am so delighted. I'm over the moon." says Tina.

Beyonce adds that they don't know if they are having a boy or girl yet so she doesn't know if she should be shopping for blue or pink clothes.

Beyonce also explains that her style hasn't really changed since she got pregnant. "My mother has always told me that beauty comes from within and what's exciting about being a woman is you can say today I feel like being, today I feel really conservative, today I'm feeling classy, today I am going on a date and I want to just be a showstopper..."