Beyonce Has Never Experienced Heartbreak

March 10, 2009 By:
Beyonce Has Never Experienced Heartbreak

How does Beyonce help her female fans through heartaches if she has never been through one herself?!

Looking super sexy in a Hervé Léger Spring 2009 swimsuit, Beyonce confessed to L.A. Confidential Magazine that while she sings songs to help women get through breakups, she has never experienced it herself.

She says: “Well, fortunately I haven’t had any breakups! This is my first relationship,” referring to her super private marriage to Jay Z.

"I’m very, very happy, that’s all I’ll say. We were together for a really long time before we got married; we were in no rush."

While their relationship has lasted longer than most Hollywood marriages, she admits, "We don’t have a normal relationship because of our careers. Adding, "We’re not perfect, it’s just natural
for people to start rumors and try to break things up."

Beyonce and Jay Z have been together since 2002, so that doesn't leave much room for another relationship. She is after all only 27. To check out the full interview of Beyonce in L.A. Confidential, make sure to pick up their latest issue at newsstands now.