Beyonce Fake Belly Rumors Continue

October 17, 2011 By:
Beyonce Fake Belly Rumors Continue

Beyonce mysteriously without baby bump in new music video
Beyonce just debuted the video for her song, "Love On Top" and two things are evident: One) The video is a homage to the 1988 music video for "If It Isn't Love" by New Edition and 2) Beyonce has absolutely no baby bump in this video and she's wearing a leotard for 97% of the video.

The video is set in a plain dance room where Beyonce and her male backup dancers perform in sweats and other "rehearsal" clothes a la the New Edition music video from the 80's. New Edition is a totally 80's boy band and Beyonce and her dancers even steal a couple old-school choreography moves from the old pop stars. I shouldn't call it stealing; it's more like a nod to videos of the past.

Now, the part of the video that you actually care about. Conspiracy theorists eat your heart out. Beyonce supposedly filmed this video in August; just weeks before she debuted a very round and very obvious baby bump at the VMA's. Note how in this video she literally has no stomach whatsoever.

She released a teaser video for her song "Countdown" recently and looks plenty pregnant. Beyonce should be a magician. She can make a belly disappear.

There have been so many rumors regarding Beyonce's "pregnancy," I put that in quotes because many have reason to believe she isn't actually pregnant and hired a surrogate but wants to play out the fake pregnancy. The people who are calling Beyonce's baby bump "fake" are probably the same people that see Jesus' face in their morning toast, but lets indulge the rumors for a minute.

First some were saying she wore a prosthetic belly to the VMA's to look more pregnant. There is also a video of her on an Australian talk show called "Sunday Night" where she sits down and it appears like her stomach deflated.

It is weird that she doesn't have a belly in this video. At the very end of the song, she turns profile and falls to her knees revealing a stomach that is flat as a board.

However, her reps have already shot down the fake bump rumors, calling them "stupid, ridiculous and false" which doesn't really prove anything. I need a sonogram, dammit.

While you let that whole belly drama sink in, enjoy the fantastic video for "Love On Top," the same song she performed live on the VMA's.

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