Beyonce Donates Paycheck to Drug Addicts

December 8, 2008 By:
Beyonce Donates Paycheck to Drug Addicts

Beyonce is taking generosity to a whole new level. The actress, who plays troubled blues singer Etta James in the new flick Cadillac Records, was so touched by the drug addicts that helped her research for her role that she handed over her paycheck from the movie to help aid in their recovery.

Beyonce spent a day with addicts at New York's Phoenix House recovery center and admits she was deeply moved by their stories of addiction and recovery.

Of the experience Beyonce said, "It was very intense. Everyone was crying. These were women who have lost everything because of drugs - their homes, their families, their jobs."

Cadillac Records director Darnell Martin revealed that she donated the big bucks to the Phoenix House and will also be working with the recovery center to get them into a skilled training program.

Last week Forbes magazine revealed that Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are Hollywood's richest couple, with Beyonce bringing in over $80 million dollars in the last year alone. She was generous enough to know that the center could use that money more than she can. And hey, if she ever runs out she can always fall back on Jay-Z's $82 million.

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