Beyonce and Jay Take Blue Ivy to Paris

June 5, 2012 By:
Beyonce and Jay Take Blue Ivy to Paris

America’s hip-hop royal family has been photographed being nothing less than cool in Paris.

After taking Atlantic City by storm on the East Coast leg of her tour, Beyonce met up with her husband Jay Z in the City of Lights, where Jay and Kanye West have been conquering audiences with “Watch the Throne."

After Jay’s show the couple could have scored karaoke Olympic gold at L’Arc nightclub where they busted into a spontaneous duet along with Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

Defying all 2012 logic, no one seems to have captured the show on camera phone. Million. Dollar. Fail.

No one mentioned if Kanye witnessed the proclamation of eternal adoration, or if he’s going into KK withdrawal… cause we’re assuming they have temporarily parted ways having not been photographed together for at least a couple of days. Gasp.

The following day Beyonce and Jay were seen out and about, with him toting their 5-month-old bundle of joy, Blue Ivy. The parents looked as fashionably hip as one might expect, Jay sun-glassed in black leather, and B rocking a graphic print blouse with hot pink pants and Louboutin pumps. Blue Ivy sported bare feet, and a blanket -- her superstar parents having the foresight to shield her from prying eyes.

Get the hint paparazzi – leave the children alone!

In January Jay released a tribute song to his daughter -- whom he proclaims to be his greatest creation -- “Glory.” In it he confesses that Paris holds a place in his heart as it's lil' B was conceived, “You don't yet know what swag is but you was made in Paris.”

Beyonce has taken to motherhood and has said in the press that she definitely wants more children. Here’s hoping they have found some Parisian inspiration this trip and future heirs to the hip-hop throne won’t be that far out.

Cause let's be honest, we could look at pictures of these two carrying piles of laundry all day long.