Beyonce and Blue Ivy Embrace In First Mama-Daughter Portrait

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Beyonce and Blue Ivy Embrace In First Mama-Daughter Portrait
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Beyoncé's "Life Is But a Dream," her HBO special/visual scrapbook shot on Skype, aired over the weekend.

It won't be sweeping the Oscar's Best Documentary category anytime soon, but it does further my embryonic theory that life really is a dream by Beyoncé, hatched during one of her naps while touring Europe, and we're all just living in it.

The semi-revealing look offered us fleeting glimpses into the singer's personal life, most notably a playful peek-a-boo into the newest part of Bey's being: her newborn daughter, Blue Ivy.

This is particularly exciting since the most we've seen (if you can even use that word, the past participle of "to see") of the planet's most famous superbaby were basically just strands of her hair or her profile in the mirror image of its mom's eye.

Finally, with this documentary, the rare species Blue Ivy can be watched in its natural habitat (her mother Beyoncé's arms). On Instagram, Beyoncé released a still from the film, the most recent photo of Blue, and lo and behold she has a cute little button nose, pouty lips—gasp!—A HUMAN FACE. If this image were a Pokémon card, we just got ourselves a rare and shiny one to treasure forever by making it our Facebook cover photos for the next two weeks.

In the snapshot, Beyoncé holds and raises Blue overhead into the celestial skyline of a daylit space like Simba in The Lion King, which we also presume is the only way you're allowed to hold Blue Ivy.

Anyway, get on your Instagram account and "heart" the adorable pic: further proof that Beyoncé actually gave birth and it wasn't just a doll that looks like an exact replica of Jay-Z.