Beyonce Abandons Her Dog

January 14, 2009 By:
Beyonce Abandons Her Dog

Someone call PETA! Beyonce has reportedly abandoning her dog Munchie, leaving her pooch at Columbia Records for staff members to look after.

She apparently took the dog there for a meeting over the summer and said she would return later to pick him up--they're still waiting.

A source at the label said: "Munchie has effectively taken up residency. Beyonce left the dog here towards the end of last summer and hasn't returned to pick Munchie up."

The source added: "Puddles of liquid are appearing all over the office. Staff are taking turns to take Munchie for walks and take it home on the evenings and weekends."

How sad is that? How could she just abandon the dog? We understand that she's busy promoting her new album, but that's just plain cruel.

We're sure if she put an ad out to find him a good home, a ton of people would have been happy to take Beyonce's dog off her hands.