Beyonce Sings National Anthem in Epic Super Bowl Press Conference

January 31, 2013 By:
Beyonce Sings National Anthem in Epic Super Bowl Press Conference
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Here's how it went down: Beyoncé walked up to the podium of the live streaming Super Bowl news conference. She asked everyone to stand, because this is what a Queen does in order to get a better glimpse at her kingdom. Then without warning, she started singing the "Star Spangled Banner" a cappella.

In what was expected to be her first public comments addressing the National Anthem Lip-synching Scandal (Not?) Heard 'Round the Country, Beyoncé didn't just speak out at this press conference. She didn't even just sing, as it's widely being reported by various media outlets. She SANG.

After hitting that final note, Beyonce then commenced to throw Beyoncé-sized amounts of shade at all of America in one fell swoop by asking, "Any questions?"

No, Beyon—sorry, are we worthy enough to call you "Beyoncé"? Okay, thank you, Beyoncé, then, no, no questions, Beyoncé.

Actually, wait, yes, there are two very important matters to clear up at this press conference.

One reporter, desperate to get to the bottom of this whole week long lip sync debacle, directly asked not if she just sang, but if "sound came out of her vocal chords" on Inauguration Day. While she admitted that she did sing over a pre-recorded backing track due to lack of rehearsal, she will "absolutely be singing live" at the Super Bowl because she's been rehearsing not just a couple weeks for it, but apparently her whole life. "This is what I was born to do," she said confidently.

Then at some point a second reporter probably in a coma from being too close to Beyoncé, oddly asked her what color toothbrush she uses. Graciously, Beyoncé answered blue, then walked off the stage. Anyway, guess I'm buying a blue toothbrush today!

While Bey did clear up that she can in fact sing the national anthem live, there's already a new controversy born from this press conference: She was clearly lip-answering.