Beyoncé Removed Her Wedding Tattoo and WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!

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Beyoncé Removed Her Wedding Tattoo and WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!
Image By: Getty Images / Jim McIsaac

Post-That-Elevator-Fracas, Beyoncé is under more scrutiny than ever. Now that we’re done examining why she remained so calm while her sister Solange lashed out at her husband Jay Z after the Met Gala and the latest photos on her Instagram feed this morning, let’s place her left ring finger under the media’s microscope.

Notice something here?

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That’s Beyoncé’s wedding tattoo, identical with Jay Z's, and it requires your undivided attention.



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It appears she’s gotten the ink removed and amid all the scandal people want/NEED to know why.


The tattoo—a roman numeral “IV”—holds special significance for the couple.

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The number four represents their respective birthdays (both were born on the fourth, Bey in September, Jay in December) and it also signifies their wedding anniversary: 4/4.


Given the redness and this photo below of Beyoncé with a bandage on that same finger, it looks like she’s gotten it surgically removed.


This snapshot is from as recent as this past Easter.


Theories overfloweth: Are Bey and Jay getting a divorce?! Is this whole marriage a fraud?! Are the two just saving face?!

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However, those familiar with tattoos know that your hands shed more skin than most parts of your body and require to be touched up almost every year.


After all, Jay Z still has his “IV” tattoo.

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But it is fading on its own and can barely be seen.

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While you can remove those tattoos, you can’t deny this loving stare between them.

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Not to mention they’re also going on a mega joint tour together.



Our answer: IT MEANS NOTHING. Jay Z and Beyoncé’s marriage is still tight as ever. She probably just didn’t like the way the fading tat was discoloring her hand and was proactive about removing it completely.

After all, pretty hurts.