Beyonce: I Made My Movie for Blue Ivy

February 13, 2013 By:
Beyonce: I Made My Movie for Blue Ivy


In the categories of best hips, best music, and best mom, Beyoncé Kowles—AKA the woman responsible for this year's groundbreaking Super Bowl performance and all the Internet memes to follow—rules all. 

The singer has admitted the inspiration behind her new HBO documentary, “Life is But a Dream.”

Her reason for making the tell-all, she said, was her daughter, Blue Ivy, who turned one last month.

“I hope that she will see all of the beautiful times [and] all the tough times that led up to her being here,” she told the Associated Press at a Tuesday night premiere of the documentary in NYC. 

Bey added: “I'm hoping that ... it can comfort her and inspire her in her life when she needs it.”

The documentary promises to bring the pop goddess down to a human level.

In the film Beyoncé addresses the camera directly, using her laptop to record, and has personal conversations with herself; a process she describes as calming.

“This movie has really been my therapy,” she said. “I've healed from so many wounds and I've been able to understand why some of the things I've been through, why I went through, so I feel really proud, and hopefully I can inspire other people.”

“Life is But a Dream” airs Saturday on HBO. Watch a trailer below.