Beyonce Addresses Lip-Sync Scandal on Instagram

January 28, 2013 By:
Beyonce Addresses Lip-Sync Scandal on Instagram

All last week, we didn't hear a single peep from Beyoncé regarding that act of national treachery she committed by lip-syncing over a pre-recorded track of the "Star Spangled Banner" at Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony.

Even though we learned this was standard practice at these kinds of live events, that didn't stop many from, if not wanting to strip Beyoncé of her right to vote in this country, then to at least address this public concern #1. Seriously, Beyoncé, security is extra tight all across the country over this.

Now it appears the singer is directing her thoughts on the catastrophe of not using her voice by…not using her voice. No dry press release, no off-the-cuff response on a red carpet to take completely out of context, all Instagram.

Following some behind-the-scenes shots of some Super Bowl half-time rehearsals, Beyoncé uploaded a photo of herself shrugging her shoulders in a sweatshirt that asks, "Can I live?" It's a B-Side by Wale design most likely referencing a song of the same title by her husband Jay-Z, but it's also shot in austere black-and-white because WHO KNOWS WHAT SHE'S SAYING HERE ABOUT SINGING LIVE, IDK?

Well, as someone who speaks Beyoncénese let me translate, as I know exactly what this photo is saying: "Hi, I'm still Beyoncé and you're not. Next?"

In related Unsolved Mysteries of the Super Bowl That Aren't Really Mysteries Just Lies, Michelle Williams is now saying that a Destiny's Child reunion is so not happening this Sunday even though it totally is. When asked about the reunion on a radio show, Michelle answered, "That's not confirmed. It is rumored. I'm going to be in the musical Fela! I hate to disappoint the people and tell them that it's not true."

Proving she's about as good a Destiny's Child member as she is a liar, a quick look at the official webpage of the musical she's starring in, explicitly lets attendees know that Michelle will in fact not be in the musical Fela! this Sunday, the day she says she is. While we appreciate Michelle wanting to keep this a surprise, nothing gets in the way of Destiny.