Are You a Beyonce Fan or Stan?: A Quick Quiz

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Are You a Beyonce Fan or Stan?: A Quick Quiz
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Sure, everyone loves Beyoncé, but do you really, really, REALLY love Beyoncé? Take this quiz to determine where your fandom truly lies.

When Beyoncé takes the stage, you:


A) Think to yourself, “Wow, what a great singer!”

B) Scream out loud, “Bey, are you KIDDING ME?! She is seriously SLAYING the world right now!”


When Beyoncé dropped her surprised album, you:


A) Made a note in your iPhone to check it out after you finished work that day.

B) Called in to work with a case of the Beyoncés because there was NO WAY you’d be able to function until you listened to it on repeat 55 times.


When you watched Beyoncé in the “Partition” video, you:

A) Thought, “Oh, that’s a nice booty.”



When Beyoncé went vegan, you:


A) Think, “Oh, well, that’s cool, I guess.”

B) Also went vegan because you only ever want to ingest whatever it is that Bey’s ingesting.


When someone accuses Beyoncé of faking her pregnancy, you:

A) Say, “Hmm, I don’t know about that.”

B) Immediately shut your ears and yell the defense to everyone in your vicinity, “ARE YOU ALL BLIND?!! IT WAS A FOLD IN HER DRESS!”


When someone ties Beyoncé to the Illuminati, you:

A) Laugh it off. What a bizarre pop culture conspiracy!

B) Swear to God Almighty (Bey) that you will sacrifice 25 Katy Perrys if anyone dares insinuate that Beyoncé is anything but an angel.


When the opening bars of “Drunk in Love” comes on in the club, you:

A) Sing along to all the words.

B) Are up on a table busting out all the moves to synchronized PERFECTION.


When Beyoncé posts a photo of Blue Ivy, you:

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A) Let out a long, “Oooooh!”

B) Start BOWING DOWN to the rightful heir of all things ***FLAWLESS and good-t, good-t.


When Beyoncé belts a note, you:


A) Say, “Such a great singer!”

B) Swear that you’ve NEVER heard a more harmonious set of notes emitted by another human being ever.


If you answered more “A”s than “B”s, congrats, you’re a Beyoncé fan, a true honor.


If you answered more “B”s than “A”s, CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’RE A TRUE STAN FOR KING BEY.