18 Epic Moments to Expect from Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Tour

June 26, 2014 By:
18 Epic Moments to Expect from Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Tour
Image By: WireImage / Kevin Mazur

Beyoncé and Jay Z kicked off their hotly anticipated On The Run tour in Miami last night with a—wait for it—42 SONG SETLIST. Damn, that sounds siiiiiiick. Here’s what to expect from their show before they hit up a stadium near you.

1. Expect the couple to look like the most divine highway robbers of all time.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage


2. And expect them to let you know with “’03 Bonnie & Clyde.”


3. To see some intimate never-before-seen footage from their wedding day.


4. To bask in a lot of fuchsia fog.


5. To sing along to “Tom Ford” because remember this is Jay Z’s concert too.


6. Bey looking absolutely flawless while performing “Flawless.”


7. And clad appropriately in Versace.

Kevin Mazur/WireImage


8. Expect some underrated Bey songs like “Ring The Alarm.”


9. For Jay and Bey to mashup “Clique” with “Diva.”


10. For Jay to take you back to the good old times with “Big Pimpin'.”


11. For Bey to absolutely slay the life out of this chair.


12. Expect Bey to be “drunk” because she been drinking, she been drinking.


13. Jay too.


14. For Bey to fill in for Justin Timberlake on “Holy Grail.”




16. A look at this cute family portrait.



17. And a handful of home videos of Blue Ivy.


18. For it to all end with a kiss.