10 Most Depressing Lip-Sync Performances Ever

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10 Most Depressing Lip-Sync Performances Ever
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Beyonce’s lip-sync revelation at the presidential inauguration on Monday is the ONLY thing anyone is talking about this week. OMG did you hear? Beyonce lip-synced the national anthem? Yes, I did hear! Because they’re playing it on the news on a LOOP!

Anyways, this truth bomb had us mad depressed. Why make a diva sing to a track when we KNOW Beyonce could have handled that song live? Anyways here are 10 other lip-syncing moments that also left us down, either a great singer was forced to sing to a track when she could have done it better live OR it’s just a super terrible lip-syncing fiasco.

1. Britney Spears VMA’s 2007 – This is the most depressing video namely because it was supposed to be Britney’s comeback moment (hasn’t she had a million comebacks?) and she delivered this half-awake lip-sync nonsense. Rihanna’s reaction shot in the audience just says it all.

2. Mariah Carey Super Bowl 2002 – Mariah gave a slam-dunk performance of the national anthem at the Super Bowl but since every Super Bowl performance is lip-synced, this just has us saying “WHYYYY?” What’s the point of Mariah being able to sing in the whistle register if you won’t let her do it live!!??!?

3. 50 Cent BET 2007 – So 50 was lip-syncing the “singing” part at the top of his song, but then he starts taking his jacket off and literally stops lip-syncing for a full verse while the track plays. It apparently throws 50 off so much that he forgets to start rapping, which he was supposed to do live, so instead he wanders around the audience shaking hands while the track plays. Lammeeee.

4. Madonna Super Bowl 2012 – Madonna is supposed to be one of the “greatest” pop stars ever and even though she lip-syncs constantly, she did a real bad lip-syncing job at the 2012 Super Bowl. During the set with LMFAO she’s riding on one of the guy’s shoulders and struggles to even hold the mic near her mouth while the vocals play without her.

5. Chris Brown Billboard Music Awards 2012 – Chris Brown got so into his dance moves during this performance that he just straight up didn’t even bother moving his mouth. This is depressing because we’ve given Chris so many second chances after the Rihanna beating incident, the least he can do is sing.

6. Jennifer Hudson at Super Bowl 2009 – Jennifer Hudson lip-syncing at the Super Bowl is another example of a great singer being forced against her will to lip-sync! Well, like we said earlier, Super Bowl rules dictate that all singers must mouth the words to a backing track. So sad.

7. Lindsay Lohan on Good Morning America 2004 - Back in 2004, Lindsay Lohan was a singer. She lip-sync’d her way through this Good Morning America performance and to be completely honest, it’s pretty good aside from the lip-syncing. The most depressing thing is remembering that Lindsay used to be successful, awwww.

8. Ashlee Simpson On SNL 2004 – This lip-syncing performance goes down in history as THE WORST. Ashlee straight up gave up on singing about 1 second in and then performed a weird jig and then had the gall to blame the gaffe on her band playing the wrong song.

9. Katy Perry Flute Fiasco – Katy Perry “lip-synced” on the flute. Meaning, she tricked her audience into thinking she was playing the flute when she wasn’t and after several minutes of impressive fluting (is that a word?), the flute track kept playing and the instrument was no where near her mouth. Katy admitted defeat and told the audience, “I lied, I can’t play the flute.”

10. Whitney Houston at Super Bowl 1991 –This is a perfect example of keeping a diva down by making her lip-sync. Even though Whitney’s “performance” was just a recorded track, it went down in history as the greatest performance of the national anthem ever.