Beyonce Shares Blue Ivy With The World And We Love Her For It

August 13, 2012 By:
Beyonce Shares Blue Ivy With The World And We Love Her For It

Baby Blue Ivy Carter, who by virtue of her birth will grow up to be the woman who has to make the least effort of anyone in history to remain famous, has been shown off to the public very sparingly by her notoriously private parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z.

On her website, Bey released an adorable photo of her precious daughter wearing a teensy tiny Watch the Throne t-shirt and drinking from a bottle held by her mother. Blue Ivy, who was born with a full head of hair, seems to be developing some lovely baby curls.

The artsy pic comes two months after a picture of Blue Ivy’s face was tweeted by one of Beyonce’s fansite Twitter accounts.

The picture, which looks like it was taken the same day as the other shots of Beyonce in a tribal print romper and braided bouffant, showcases the new mom holding Blue Ivy to her chest.

The only other pictures of Blue Ivy were released on Jay-Z's blog back in February, when she was four weeks old. One showed a radiant Beyonce holding her daughter, another a swaddled, sleeping Blue Ivy, and another shows the sure to be future musical genius staring into the distance, perhaps considering her impending domination of the planet.

It was a wonderful change to see Beyonce and Jay-Z not sell photos of their baby to a bunch of magazines, like almost every other celebrity couple in the past decade.

The Washington Post noted this too: “Rather than selling the photos to a publication, or doing a splashy magazine spread a la Brangelina and the twins, they have shared them quietly online… in a manner that, presumably, is bringing them zero cash whatsoever.”

But then again, Beyonce and Jay-Z are a lot classier than the rest of the world. And as the world’s highest paid celebrity couple, they also certainly do not need the money.