Betty White Turned Down DWTS

March 18, 2010 By:
Betty White Turned Down DWTS

Most celebrities would kill to be on Dancing with the Stars
! But not Betty White—she even turned down offers to be on the show!

Betty spoke with Larry King about turning her nose up at the dancing competition, saying she thinks she would “embarrass the audience.” White told Larry King, "I have been asked. And I've thanked them very profusely. And I said, no thank you.”

Betty thinks it would be pointless for her to compete since Cloris Leachman was already on the show.

She said, “I think Cloris Leachman took care of that whole department. It would be fun and I would love it. But I think there comes a time when... I don't want to embarrass the audience, but Cloris did it and she did fine. So I think she's taken care of our age bracket."

While we would love to see Betty on DWTS, we understand why she’s declined offers! We can’t imagine having to compete with young stars like Nicole Scherzinger—that would be just a tad intimidating!