Betty White Hosting Prank Show for Old People

March 31, 2011 By:
Betty White Hosting Prank Show for Old People

Remember how you haven't been visiting your grandpa at the nursing home? Well, payback's a bitch.

Betty White will soon be hosting a new hidden camera show that features senior citizens playing pranks on younger people.

The show, Betty White's Off Their Rockers, has twelve episodes ordered with NBC.

“People have been telling me that I’m ‘off my rocker’ for years – now I can prove it,” said White.

Pranks will include: pulling a quarter out of an unsuspecting person's ear, using hand tricks to fool strangers into thinking a grandpa has lost his thumb, and telling youngsters they have something on their shirts, then gently flicking their noses when they look down. Gotcha, whippersnappers!

"Viewers will thoroughly enjoy watching [White] pull one over on the unsuspecting youth of America,” said Paul Telegdy of NBC.

Bring it on, old lady!