Pregnant Bethenny Frankel Poses Nude for PETA

December 15, 2009 By:
Pregnant Bethenny Frankel Poses Nude for PETA

The latest celebrity to pose nude for PETA is Bethenny Frankel, who just shot one of their “I’d Rather Go Naked” pics in New York. And props to the reality star for doing while pregnant!

Bethenny is a big fan of how it came out too. She told the New York Post, "It's so tasteful and beautifully done. I am especially pleased because it doesn't look like there's been any airbrushing and I was already pregnant when I shot it."

Frankel hasn’t always been a PETA supporter—she says she used to wear fur like the rest of her Housewives co-stars.

She says it wasn’t until she saw a picture of a skinned animal that she changed her ways. "It made me sick. I felt disgusting," she said. “I'm cleaning out my closets -- trim, everything. I don't see any reason for cruelty."

Bethenny looks amazing in the shot! Can you believe that woman is three months pregnant?!