Meet Bethenny Frankel's New Baby Girl

May 25, 2010 By:
Meet Bethenny Frankel's New Baby Girl

Bethenny Frankel is showing off her newborn baby girl on People for the first time! Little Bryn Casey Hoppy is two and a half weeks old, and the new mom seems to be doing great!

She tells the mag of her new bundle of joy, “She has my E.T. toes. They are so long!”

Bethenny also talks about going into labor, which happened at 6 o’clock in the morning. She says her husband Jason Hoppy started calling people because he was so excited, and she had to remind him, “We don’t have a baby. We have a puddle.”

She says the torture really began at the hospital when Bethenny, a healthy food chef, got hungry! “All I wanted was a bagel and the doctor [told me] I couldn’t eat,” she says. “And for two days, I couldn’t.”

Frankel went through a grueling 30 hours of labor, and Bryn was eventually born via C-section. “She came out like a little doll,” Frankel says. “It was amazing.”

As for the baby’s name, the couple named her Bryn to honor Jason’s brother Bryan who died in a car accident 19 years ago, and kept the name a secret until the day she was born.

“They used to call him Bryn as a nickname,” she explains. “When Jason told me, I thought that would be a great name. Jason’s mom was hysterical, crying. They couldn’t believe we kept it secret.”

Also a little bit of a scare was the fact that Bryn had to stay in the NICU for four days before she was strong enough to come home. “We were in this dark little room with our baby. It was almost like Survivor — where we were fending for ourselves,” says Frankel. “We couldn’t stop staring at her.”

The whole family seems to be settled at home and happier than ever! “We’re so thankful and lucky to have a healthy baby,” says Frankel. “This is the new me now.”

Bethenny is already thinking about getting her pre-baby body back too! We’ve been following her on Twitter, and she wrote yesterday, “I can't wait to do it again!” referring to getting back to her workout routine.

We’re sure she’ll be doing her Body By Bethenny Body-Sculpting Workout DVD! Congrats to the happy family!