Bethenny Frankel Reveals: I Had a Miscarriage

February 20, 2012 By:
Bethenny Frankel Reveals: I Had a Miscarriage

Bethanny Frankel appeared on the ‘Today’ show to reveal a very personal detail about herself. Frankel revealed that she was recently pregnant for eight weeks before suffering a miscarriage.

“That was a very emotional experience,” Frankel said. “The window is closing, and it’s something I’m dealing with.”

Bethenny has a daughter, Bryn, with her husband Jason Hoppy. The two welcomed their first child into the world in May 2010.

Frankel’s Bravo show, Bethenny Ever After returns for its third season on Monday, and Frankel says she’s grateful for her daughter. But when it comes to having another child: “I’m not really thinking about it.”

The reality star added: “Until you become a woman, you don’t know the things that come with it.”

I mean, if menstrual cramps aren’t bad enough, lots of us women go through even worse. Bethenny explains:

"I have thought about other women more than myself," she says. "I can't believe what people go through if they can't even have the one. ... You go through a roller coaster of emotions about it."

Another TV personality who recently discussed their issues with miscarriage? Wendy Williams. Back in September of last year, Wendy revealed:

“I’ve had 3 miscarriages. One was at 7 weeks and the other two were at 5 months. It was just a nightmare and it happened 3 ½ years in proximity.”

Williams continued: “I met my man and we got married after the first miscarriage…we decided we were going to try this again. We got right into the baby-making thing and I gained 103 pounds and I was on bed rest. My mind is on adoption and even that has a 3 year window. I really do want a girl, but I am so blessed with the family we created."

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