Bethenny Frankel: I Didn't Lie About Selling Skinnygirl for $120 Million

October 13, 2011 By:
Bethenny Frankel: I Didn't Lie About Selling Skinnygirl for $120 Million

Forget business school, reality TV is the best way to become a tycoon.

Okay, don't actually drop out of college or anything. It's actually really important. Stay in school, kids.

But reality star Bethenny Frankel has certainly used her Real Housewives fame to her advantage. The star of the Real Housewives of New York sold her Skinnygirl Brand to Fortune Brands for $8 million. Or $100 million. Or $120. Okay, let me explain.

It was originally reported that Frankel made $100 million in the deal, as announced by Forbes Magazine. Though, to be fair, they did report that it was an "estimated" amount. Couple digits off, though. Other media outlets suggested the sum was as high as $120 million.

After the much lower sum was discovered, there were claims that the health-conscious boozer was lying about her profit. The Huffington Post reported that the SEC quarterly report showed that Fortune Brands purchased Skinnygirl for $8 million. Forbes responded to the site, telling them they "were taking [the claims] very seriously" and investigating the figures.

Apparently, something got lost in financial translation and that $112 million popped up from someplace else. Don't look at me, I don’t know how that stuff works. What am I, a mathematician?

One fan tweeted to Frankel that the Huffington Post "doesn't get accounting or know how to read financials." Bethanny replied: "Precisely. Irresponsible journalism."

The bottom line is, either way, she became a millionaire after selling her brand. Skinnygirl basically consists of a bunch of cocktail concoctions that aren't as bad for you as typical drinks. Genius.

Frankel Tweeted about the brand: "Skinnygirl Cocktails is the number one fastest growing spirits brand in the country because of YOU!"

Well, what can I say? I like to get drunk.

"On track to do over 1 million cases this year! Thank you," she continued.

This isn't the only damage control Bethenny is doing. In an episode of Bethenny Ever After, her RHONY spinoff, it showed the entrepreneur and her therapist stranded at sea. But the man who rescued her during the ordeal, Tim Russell, came forward to say that the two were never in any real danger.

Frankel took to Twitter to defend herself, writing:

"Let's review this past week's idiocies: 1.) I have a 'nice' coach 2.) I'm getting divorced 3.) I'm pregnant 4.) I lied about being lost at sea. Anything else?"

Oh, uh…you forgot…the money thing…

When a Twitter follower asked, "People on twitter are saying your boat rescue was not really true?" Frankel replied, "People are nuts and bored."