Bethenny Frankel Cries During Last Day of Talk Show

July 20, 2012 By:

In case you didn’t know, Skinnygirl brainchild and former “Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel has her own talk show now, well she did, it just ended it’s six-week test run today.

The show is called “bethenny” and is basically what would happen if “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” replaced Ellen with a skinny brunette woman who only knew how to talk about vibrators and all the interviews were cut off midway because of the commercial break. It’s a really great show, you guys, it’s just super great.

The show’s limited engagement test run has come to an end and Bethenny gets all choked up about it during her opening monologue.

“Today is really a big celebration [but] I’m bawling,” she tells the studio audience, “I can’t even tell you. I’ve come so far. I’ve just fought to get here. It’s so hard to succeed. No one wanted to do the show initially and it was a ‘test.’”

The show is produced by Ellen DeGeneres, which might explain the similarities, and Bethenny thanks her profusely.

“I have to thank Ellen DeGeneres. She believed in me. She said, I could do this. She said, be yourself and I just walked out here and I’ve been totally myself. I’ve been totally honest and open.”

And of course, no Bethenny show would be complete without some bawdry humor, “I didn’t want to cry. I’m a crier, some women in bed are screamers. I am a crier. I’m not a crier in bed though. That would be really bad.”

She then interviewed her final guest: Denis Leary.

Back when she was just a personal chef and not a TV star, she met some writer on Denis Leary’s show “Rescue Me.” The writer thought she was hot and asked her if she wanted to cook for Denis and the guys on set.

Denis tells the story better than I do, “the first day she comes in…She’s in there, she’s hot and we’re like ok, the food is going to suck. Right? This hot chick is making us stuff and she’s talking to us and we’re like the food is going to suck guys. And then the food was fantastic!”